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Hi every one.¬† Today my class and I went to a bullying assembly with over 700 students. We had other schools go though. Mr. Brown was telling us about bullying. He compared it to beauty and the beast (I’ve never seen the movie before so I didn’t have much of a clue but he summarized the movie so I wasn’t completely clueless).

Belle is the one who sees past the ugliness and rumors people spread about a certain and focuses one the beauty in that individual. Beast is the victim of the bullying and is putting on a “Plastic smile” as Mr. Brown put it. He’s hiding the pain on the inside. Gaston is the bully causing¬† the problems for the beast. The villagers are the bystanders who aren’t going to do something. The clubs,swords, and pitchforks are the words you personalty send to damage other people.

There was a six year old that brought a gun to school because of the bullies being mean and making that individual miserable. I don’t want our future generation to be like that. we all need to take a stand and say “You know what this needs to stop.” Don’t be Gaston or a villager making others miserable. Be a person like Belle. Help take a stand. visit qsptakeastand.com

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